Excursion Tours

The resort will conduct three guided excursion tours to nearby places of interest. These are:

  • Tea Gardens Visit & Lawachara Rain Forest Tour

    This half day tour will take guests to the nearby Maulvi Tea Estate and Mrittinga Tea Estate and for a walking tour of the Lawachara Rain Forest in Srimangal.

  • Monipuri Tribal Village Tour

    This tour will take guests to the nearby Monipuri tribal village where they will be able to see the weaving craftsmanship of their famous multi-colored cotton quilt. Then a visit to the Monipuri Cultural Center to watch the dancing tribal girls and boys.

  • Haor(wetlands) Fish Farm visit

    This trip in late afternoon will take the guests through narrow winding village roads flanked on both sides by long trees over the green or yellow rice fields and deep into the huge wetlands known as ‘Haors’ where in a large Fish Farm containing multiple huge fish ponds fishes are farmed and from where the view of the sunset is quite stunning. A short boat ride will also be arranged at a later stage.

  • Ham Ham waterfall

    In addition to these guided tours, for the more adventurous tourist, there is the allure of going to the Ham Ham waterfall, a 160 foot high cascading waterfall deep in the rain forest which takes two and half hours of walking each way. The entrance of the forest is about 50 kms from the resort and local guides are available in plenty to take the intrepid trekker through the forest to the waterfall.