Guest Reviews

  • "Very satisfied with Service Care and safety measures."

    Dr. Yunus
    Posted in October, 2014
  • "Very nice stay and the staff are very nice."

    Mr. Minto Ahmed
    Posted in September, 2014
  • "Especially food quality is awesome, I love it."

    Mrs. Jannate Rewan
    Posted in September, 2014
  • "Overall, it’s a wonderful experience. Would like to visit again."

    Mr. Mksud
    Posted in August, 2014
  • "This Journey will always be in my most favorite album, Its really an amazing experience. Love DuSai."

    Mrs. Fariya Ahmed
    Posted in August, 2014
  • "Super Place, Awesome Service."

    Mr. Suthahar Srigandan
    Posted in July, 2014
  • "I was looking for a place to Relax – DuSai fulfilled my quest to the max."

    Mr. Alan Yves Phillips
    Posted in July, 2014
  • "I enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you. Wishing very good luck to DuSai."

    Mr. A Akher Mahub
    Posted in June, 2014
  • "Excellent service, will recommend friends & family."

    Mr. Mohammad Taslim
    Posted in June, 2014
  • "Chef is amazing, we loved our dinner. This place feels relaxing and must visit again soon. All employees are so professional & hospitable."

    Mr. Tazwar M Awal
    Posted in June, 2014