Guest Reviews

  • "It was a wonderful experience overall. Would love to visit again soon"

    Fahim Ur Reza Chowdhury
    Posted in August, 2016
  • "Keep it up and will come soon"

    John Cooper
    Posted in July, 2016
  • "All staff were very professional and friendly"

    Graeme Hudson
    Posted in July, 2016
  • "Keep it up. Maintenance is very good."

    Dr. S.M. Masum Azad
    Posted in July, 2016
  • "This is definitely the perfect place for a mini -escapade from our busy lives. Just keep improving yourselves and keep entertaining us."

    Andrilla Rahman
    Posted in July, 2016
  • "It was an amazing resort & Staff behavior was excellent."

    Ivna Jafar Al-Mamun
    Posted in July, 2016
  • "There is nothing to say about DuSai, Still they are rock solid about their hospitality from the very start."

    Mr. Afzalur Rahim Shammi
    Posted in July, 2016
  • "I enjoyed my trip a lot. It’s a great resort"

    Rana Shohel
    Posted in July, 2016
  • "We will visit here for good food, services & manner. Thanks. Best of luck"

    Ms. Shamima Begum
    Posted in July, 2016
  • "Everything is satisfactory. We enjoyed a lot here and the natural environment was very well."

    Lt.col.Sarder Istiak Ahmed
    Posted in June, 2016